I was writing a camp story. (I am kind of stuck on camp.)


Mckenna came and started writing something.


She pulled a book off the shelf and showed it to me. I saw that it was Grace’s book.

“I think that Grace is lonely,” Mckenna started. “It can be hard to be the one getting all the praise. I think that we should surprise her with some treats in the kitchen.”

“I like that.” I said “I will tidy up the kitchen and set out some pretzels and you go get everyone.”


I went to the kitchen and looked around. It was pretty messy.


I tidied up and set out 8 pretzels, the best for Grace.


Mckenna went to where all the dolls were watching a movie.

“Grace would you mind getting me some pretzels?” Mckenna asked. “I think there are some right over there.”


Grace quickly sat up and did as she was told.


“Come into the kitchen.” Mckenna told everyone. “We are going to surprise Grace.”


Everyone went into the kitchen.

“As soon I am finished talking we are going to turn the lights off.” I said “Riley you will hit the lights as soon as Grace comes in. Everyone will yell surprise. Got that?”

Everyone agreed.


Mckenna met Grace.

“I couldn’t find any.” Grace said

“Let’s go look in the kitchen.” Mckenna told Grace.


Mckenna and Grace came in, Riley hit the light and everyone yelled surprise.

“We wanted to surprise you.” Mckenna said “We thought that you were sad and we want you to be happy and enjoy your year.”

“Thank you.” Grace said “I like that.”

Then we partied and ate our pretzels.


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