Thrifty Thursday-Setting Up Camp

The camp was getting set up because the camp counselor was supposed to get here yesterday. But she got delayed so I went over to start setting up the infirmary and look around.


There wasn’t much to put in the infirmary yet so I set it up and then went to take a look around.


I went up to the cabin  and there was nothing there. No beds or anything.


I went down to the cafeteria and all there was was some not put together yet tables. I was disappointed. “I’ll just wait for the counselor to get here.” I thought. “She will take care of everything.” Then I realized something. I didn’t need help. I could get the camp to look better without it.


I stood admiring my work. It needed a lot more setting up but it was a start. I was happy for myself and exited for camp as I left.

I made the tables out of boxes and I am going to add legs soon. I made the benches out of egg cartons and jars.

The infirmary is under a desk. The cafeteria is under another desk and the cabin is on top of it.


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