Camp plans


I was in the library in my pajamas reading a book while waiting for everyone to get up so I could change.


Katelyn came up and sat down.

“Why are you here?” I asked

“I just want to talk.” She said

“Then move to the more comfortable place.” I said


We were just sitting side by side talking.

“I heard that you are going to be the camp nurse.” Katelyn said. “Would you like to see some of your utensils?”

“Of course.” I told her. So off we went.


“There will be more when camp starts as well as an infirmary.” Katelyn said.

“That is okay.” I said “For now this is cool. I can’t wait till camp. Are you volunteering at camp?”

“I will probably teach everyone how to make a bracelet but I am mostly going to the camp.”

“That is okay.” I said “We still can’t wait for camp.”

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