In the Library


Hi. I am Maria. I was in the library reading a book about all the dolls. I was surprised to see that I was in there and I was about to read my page when I heard talking.

“Of course I will meet you there.” Mckenna said “I just have science homework to complete.”


Mckenna came in and sat down on the other chair. “Oh hi Maria.” She said “What are you doing here?”

“I love to read and write.” I told her “So the library is my favorite place.”

“What are you reading?” Mckenna asked.

“A book of different dolls.” I said “And they got me all WRONG! They said that I like acting and baking.”

“Then what do you like?”

“Besides reading and writing I like helping people and I want to be a doctor when I grow up.”

“There is an opening for camp nurse if you would like that.” Mckenna said

“Cool!” I said “Thanks for telling me. What can I do to get that spot?”

“I will show you.” Mckenna said and we got up to leave.

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