Meet Maria

Yesterday I got Maria. Maria’s name on Springfield packaging used to be Sofia but it got changed to Maria so this doll’s name is Maria Sofia. Maria loves reading and writing but she also Likes to help people and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Maria will be the subject of May.



This is Maria.


Maria came in the same dress Abby did but hers is green. She has a soft body that is fun to hug but she has a hard time standing up. Her feet are shaped weirdly so it is easier for her to stand with shoes.


She has brown eyes and dark lips. I don’t know if people with darker skin have darker lips but she is wearing more lipstick than Grace and Grace is wearing too much. I like the pretty brown eyes though. Maria has shiny black hair that reflects off of everything.


Her hair came in this plastic piece. It was hard to get off but it kept the hair from getting too messy. I wish that they had used a different method to package the hair though.


Her hair is layered.

I got Maria at Michals for half off at about 10 dollars. She is a great doll, her quality isn’t great but she is very affordable.


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