Story Saturday-Friend fights- part 1

Because the computer is working for now I am going to try and post a story every Saturday. And starting today even though this was supposed to be for three weeks ago I am starting a series called the friend fights. Come on Saturdays for a new part.


“Welcome to the Friend Fights. I am the host, Katelyn Russ. You will be in teams of two. There are six challenges. In each challenge there will be one loseing team.


Katlyn held up some mats and blankets. “The first chalange is to go outside and sleep there all night. If you come it your team may get a loss. You may use the supplies but nothing else.”


Every team got their pack and waited.



they gathered around the tree outside.

“I guess this is where we part.” Mckenna said.


“Let’s go somewhere away from wind and rain.” Grace suggusted.

“That is a good idea.” Mckenna encoraged


It was cold so we got in bed as soon as we found a place and whispered as we huddeled.


“We can just get into a sunny spot” Abby said

“But it might rain.” Hope protested.

“It won’t.” Abby said


They got settled-and it started to rain. DSCN3822[1]

As soon as Abby was asleep Hope was gone.


Meanwhile Riley and Joy were huddeled. They were so shy nether spoke.



Finaly they just dropped and slept.


In the morning everyone met up messy and tired. Hope was with Katlyn.

“Wash up and then come back.” Katlyn said.


Mckenna looked around the nice bathroom. It was as nice as everything else.


When everyone was back Katlyn spoke.

“Hope and Abby, Do you want to take a loss or vote someone off?”

Hope said take a loss but Abby said vote someone off.

“That means you have to go Hope.” Katlyn said “What team is Abby on?”

“Her own.” Hope ansewed. She knew what the next chalange was, everyone did, and she wanted Abby to know that she was not happy with her.


For this story I dropped Grace in the mud and I had to soake her hair in cold water to get it out.

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