Princess Parables Review

When I was at the homeschool convention last weekend, there was a doll booth called The Princess Parables. I got to talk to the owner and her daughter, so that was cool. I took pictures of their stuff so that I could post it here.  I like that they have Christian princesses to live up to instead of animated characters. (And I like dolls)

There are five princesses, each based after a parable. They are barbie doll size and have stories about them. 

This is princess Faith. She looks sorta like Elsa and is dressed all in blue. 


 Princess Hope is all in yellow. By the end of the convention all the dolls had sold out but Hope. 


 Princess Grace wasn’t being sold at the convention but she has an 18 inch doll of her being sold on their website. I got to read the book and it was good. Grace finds some kittens and when one of them runs off she goes looking for it. It is based off of the parable of the lost sheep.   

Here are princesss Joy and Charity.  

 And a close up of the coloring thing. 

When I was talking to the owner she said  that there should be Christian princesses instead of Disney princesses. 

By the end of the convention some of the dolls sitting on the table had even sold!  \ 

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