New stuff- part 1

On Tuesday we went to someones house and got a bunch of stuff. I grabbed all the doll sized stuff. Part one is about the mini doll stuff and part two is about the bigger stuff.


“Hey, I heard there was new stuff. Lets go check it out!” Kit said


“It’s a bench!” Ruthie said


“We’ll move off so that you can sit.” the bears offered

“Thanks!” DSCN3845[1]
This bench does not belong to the dolls but they are allowed to sit there sometimes.




“What’s this?” kit asked


“Need help with that Kit?” Abby asked



Abby pulled apart the furniture and put it down.


So the dolls sat down.

At first everyone thought that this was a puzzle but as soon as they took it apart it became furniture. So I took it. DSCN3851[1]

Kit went over to another table.



And Ruthie joined her.

This table was meant to have the things glued to it but the rolling pin had already come off so I just yanked the rest of the stuff off so the dolls could use it.

Stay tuned to see the bigger doll stuff.



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