The Water fall

Today is McKenna’s last day so I planed something fun for her. A weekend in a woods in a cabin.



I saw my cabin. It was nice so I started settling in.


When we were settled in I sat on the couch next to Mom thinking about Josie who was also here.

“Isn’t there a wheelchair friendly path that Josie can go on?”

“You mean accessible?”

“Yeah that.”

“I like the way you think. I might be able to arrange that.”


We met Josie outside of the cabins. Mom said we could go ahead so we did.


We walked (and wheeled) until we got there.


When we got to the waterfall we just watched the water fall down down down. Then Josie said

“Mckenna this is the BEST surprise, Thank you!”

I hope you enjoyed my month. It was fun. Come tomorrow for Abby to start her month.

Untitled and Mckenna.

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