Joy in a retro outfit

For Christmas I got a retro outfit from our generation but I did not have a doll to put it on. So now that I have Joy I put it on her. The last doll that I put the shoes on still has dye stains because of the shoes but I hope that doesn’t happen to Joy.


It is a nice outfit with a skirt, shirt, sweater, hair bow, and shoes. I think it looks beautiful on Joy.


From the side. In this view you can sort of see that the tip of her shoe is shiny and the rest is soft. You can also see her hair hair bow well.


And here she is without the hair bow.

I think it retails for 12.99 at Target but I am not sure. It is a great outfit for any doll not just a retro one.

2 thoughts on “Joy in a retro outfit

  1. Hi Hannah! This is Kathleen. 🙂 (aka the crazy one who is obsessed with dolls and also has Katelyn)
    This is a really cute post! Thanks for posting tons of pictures of Joy! I think she just got higher on our list……


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