Humans And Horses Part 2



Finally the day arrived to go to hearts and horses. Shannon met us at the door and then gave us a tour of the place.


When we get to the riding ring I introduced some of the riders as they passed.


When Dora passed she said to me  “Purble in…”

“Wait, What did she say?”Sierra asked.

“Gray sky OUT!”

“You taught her our gymnastics trick didn’t you?” Sierra asked punching me playfully.


When the riding session was over Shannon led us to the kitchen where some riders were waiting. I was glad to see that Josie was there. To my surprise Shannon asked me and Josie to divide everyone into groups.


When we were in groups we started making cookies. Everyone seemed to be having fun except Toulane. She watched the cookies bake in the oven.

“Hey Toulane want to help make a new batch of cookies?” I asked her. To my relief she turned back to the group.

Julia held out her hand to  Toulane and said “ME Julia.”

Toulane shrank back “I can’t understand her.”

“She said her name was Julia.” I said gently.



“Come on Toulane, We need help measuring.”

“I am just not good at this.” She said

“Well how do you get over things at the gym.”

“Blue sky in, or maybe purple.” she gave me a half smile

“So can you shake off your stress the same way here?” I asked.


“You will do fine.” I assured her.


She turned back to Julia

“Want to work together?” She asked

“I working hard.” She said clanking her spoon around in an empty bowl.

“Want to help measure flour?” She asked

“I helping!” Julia answered.


Okay um, I will just and a few eggs and you can keep stirring.” She said.

“I good at stirring.” Julia said

“Yes you are very good.” Toulane agreed.


Crack! Julia must of stirred too hard because her spoon landed on the floor. I waited to see if Toulane would help her but Toulane just stood there.”


I quickly washed the spoon and handed back to Julia.


I looked around for Toulane but she was gone.


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