Humans And Horses Part 1


Today I am going to do the first part of one of my things.


My teammates and I were stretching at the gym.


After a few minutes Toulane leaned forward and said

“I see your tutor is here. Do you need her to tutor you in gymnastics too?”


I looked up into the stands where Josie was watching. She had come along to watch me practice.


“She is not tutoring me.” I answered “We are friends.” DSCN3638[1]

At the word friends Toulane’s expression turned stormy. She got up and walked away. I called after her.

“What’s your problem?”


“Okay time out!” Couch Isabelle said “Everyone come sit down for a moment.”


I sat by Sierra and as far away from Toulane as I could.

“I have noticed some tension between some of the teammates.” Isabelle said. I knew she meant me and Toulane but I couldn’t meet her eyes. “Does anyone have any team building ideas?”

“There is a horseback riding center around here.” I suggested “We could volunteer there.” I risked a glance at Toulane but she didn’t shoot down my idea.

“Good idea Mckenna.” Isabelle praised “I will have to look into that.”


Then we went off to practice our gymnastics.

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