Mckennas story


Hi its Mckenna. Today I am going to do something a little different and act out a part from my second  book.


Will you be Toulane?

Uh sure?

Its really easy, all you have too do is pose for pictures.


Mckenna turend around and three other girls were behind her.

You can help. She told them Abby is Mom Riley is Sierra and Kaitlin is the teacher. Lets start.


I sat with my teammates to watch the rhythmic gymnastics. Toulane was very interested in it it seemed.


However I was a little stunned when the teacher asked if anyone wanted to try and Toulane stood up.


Sierra and I were amazed, Toulane was a natural!



After practice I caught Toulane even though I was scared she would snap at me. “You were really good at rhythmic gymnastics.” I said

“Thanks.” She said “I used to do it at camp. I want to to it again.”

“You should.”


Toulane walked over to the poster. I heard “time” and “money” from her mom.


“Did she say no?” I asked

Toulane nodded “But she is right, we have to practice. We don’t have time for other sports. Like horses.”


I wanted to be mad at her but instead I hugged her. “You were still good.”

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