Stuck In A Snow Globe

This post is inspired by my real life, it was snowing really hard when I took the pictures.



“Look at the snow!” Hope said “It’s like a snow globe! Can we go outside?”

“It is too big.” Mckenna answered “It is unsafe.”

“In that case its like were stuck in the snow globe.” Hope grumbled. “I hate snow! I don’t ever want to see it again!”

“Come on.” Mckenna said “I have an idea.”


“Why are we putting the sled in this drawer?” Hope asked “I hope we are banishing it.”


Mckenna put the skates and snow paints in the drawer.

“WHAT are you doing?” Hope asked.

“I am putting all the snow stuff in the drawer so we can get them out but we don’t have to look at them.” Mckenna answered.


They went into the bedroom.

“What is that?” Hope asked

“You said that we were stuck in a snow globe.” Mckenna said “I am making a snow globe with the snowman ornaments from Christmas.”


They finished the snow globe.

“I have one more activity.” Mckenna said and then rushed off to get the supplies.


“Paper snowflakes.”


When they had finished the snowflakes they sat and admired them.

“Oh I see what you did.” Hope said “We put the old snow stuff away and made new stuff. It worked too, I am not sick of the snow anymore.”

“I am glad.” Mckenna said “When I came here I was unfamiliar with the snow and hated it. But everyone helped me see snow is good.”


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