Thrifty Thursday-Library



“What are you doing?” Kaitlin asked Mckenna

“Looking for a subject for Thrifty Thursday.” Mckenna answered

“What’s that?” Kaitlin asked.

“Every Thursday someone posts on the blog about something thrifty.” Mckenna answered. “However the first one was in November and no one kept on with it so I am going to.”

Kaitlin laughed. “I can tell you that chair is not handmade but I like the idea.”


Mckenna fell into the library. “I know what we are doing today.”


“Help me move this chair.” Mckenna told Kaitlin. “And then we can start. “You can take the pictures.


“Today for thrifty Thursday we are going to show you the library.”



“The bookshelf was made from a box.”


“And the books are doll sized books or books made from a sheet of paper.”


“On the top shelf there are smaller books and Toys.”


“This seat was made from a box on a cloth covered box. ”


“And the couch was made from a box and a piece of cardboard and a handkerchief.”


Kaitlin came in. “That is all? That was easy.”

“Yup.” Mckenna answered. “That hard part is remembering to do it every week.”

“Bye and happy Thursday!”



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