Snow Missadventure. – Photostory


Riley and Abby had heread about Hope and Grace’s snow adventure so they gathered around them hoping that they would take them outside.


“Please take us.” Abby begged.

“Sure.” Grace said “But lets make it short.”


After ten minutes they made it to the top of the hill and discussed what to do.

“We have a sled.” Hope said

“But we also have ice skates.” Riley said “And I would rather ice skate.”

“Me two.” Abby chimed in.

“Well then you two can go down the hill to the river at the bottom of the hill. It is frozen and safe for skating. Be careful though, as it is hard to stay up.”


Riley and Abby went down the hill and started to take of their shoes in the river.


Abby got up and started falling and would have fallen down if Riley hadn’t grabbed her.


Riley had a little more luck. she wasn’t exactly graceful but she wasn’t ready to leave yet. Abby, was though. After almost falling she sat down and waited for Riley.


After the sled would not slide Grace pulled Hope down the hill to see if Riley and Abby were ready to go.


Cold and covered in snow after their activities did not work the girls decided to go in.


Inside though the girls were glad they went outside because they got to get dried.


They loved the hairdryer. However after they were dry they asked why I did not use the doll hairdryer. 🙂

Grace and Hope’s outfits are the same outfits they used before. I made Abby’s outfit though. I made Riley’s Pants and the sweater is build a bear.



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