Doll sized Carpet ball

One of my favorite sports is carpet ball but we don’t have a carpet ball table and there is no chance of getting one. So I made a carpet ball table for my dolls that you can sort of play. Here is how I did it.

I started with two boxes, One of them is for the base and should be a long as the table but my table is a little short. The other one is for the pockets. You could use two boxes but I used one.


I cut the smaller box in half and cut the top off. I put cardboard on the open ends. I cut the other box to how deep I wanted it.


I cut holes for the pockets and taped the flaps together.


I taped the pockets in with the cardboard edge near the ends of the box.


I covered four paper towel tubes with contact paper.


And taped them to the the base.


I covered the whole thing with contact paper.


I covered the inside with green paper.


Katlin wanted to try it out but the ball did not stay put very well.


I painted the top with green paint for more traction.


And then I cut the tubes and taped mini cans filled with chia seeds (Mom had too many chia seeds and they were heavy.) into the tubes.


Later I covered the paint with cloth. The cloth helps the balls stay better and roll better. I am using marbles for balls and the shooter as the throwing ball.

I had fun making this and will have fun playing with it.


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