A Day In The Snow – Photo Story

It has been really snowy around here and everyone is sick of staying inside. The snow used to be fun to play with but not anymore. DSCN3512[1]Hope and Grace stared out the window.

“I am sick of snow.” Grace said

“I have only been here a few days but already I am sick of it too.” Hope said “It wouldn’t be so bad if we could play in it though.”


Grace turned towered Hope. “You are allowed to play in it.”

“Will you come with me?” Hope asked.

“I am sick of snow, why would I want to play in it.” Grace asked

Hope ignored the question. “Please! I need someone to show me around.”

“Well okay but we can’t stay out there very long as it is getting dark.”

“Oh it is deep!” Hope exclaimed when she stepped in the snow. “It comes to my boots and my hair touches it!”


Grace and Hope crossed the river and stepped back into the snow.

“Welcome to the woods.” Grace said.


Five minutes later they found a big round stump to sit on.

“This view is amazing!” Hope exclaimed.

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” Grace assured her.


“These trees sure are big.” Hope commented. “What are they anyway? Ceder?”


Hope and Grace stood on a big platform looking at the amazing view.

“This is awesome isn’t it?” Grace asked.

“It is.” Hope answered. “It was worth coming up here. I can see the whole yard!”


Grace pointed to the other part of the woods. “We could go though that.”

“No way!” Hope exclaimed “I am ready to be done!”

Grace smiled mischievously “Or we could go the fun way.”

“What’s that?”




At the bottom of the hill Hope and Grace cleared a spot in the frozen river and went ice skating.


“Do you want to build a snowman?” Hope asked

Grace laughed “We don’t have gloves. Lets just go in. We can build a snowman another time.”


Inside Grace and Hope laughed at how covered in snow they were.

You are not really supposed to put your doll in snow but I did and got snow in both of their eyes. Fortunately I did not get their bodys wet. I got the water out with a hairdryer. I don’t really think they minded anyway. The hairdryer was warm even though it was the coldest it could be. If you get water in your dolls eyes make sure to get it out before it can rust.


Here they are wrapped up in a blanket by the fireplace after their adventure.

I got the soft as snow outfit last year and I love it. The snow is not nearly as soft as this outfit and I love the color. The other outfit is Kaitlin’s meet outfit. They are both good for snow adventures.


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