Welcome to the mini doll house!

First of all sorry about the no postyness. Things have been crazy around here. Second welcome to the mini doll’s house! The big dolls have their own house so the mini dolls wanted one too. My dad and I built this out of wood and I made furniture and decorated it.DSCN3351[1]


This is mini doll bedroom 1. I painted the walls and the tile is duck tape. I made the bed out of straws, glow sticks, cardboard, and felt. I keep all the clothes in the box in the corner. The rug is a carpet sample and the ballet bar is a mirror with a bar glued to it.


The rug goes under the bed so they can use the bar.



For this room the carpet is felt, the walls are painted, and the rug is a carpet sample. I made the chandler from stickers and the bed is from a box. The chair is a felt covered ribbon spool and some cloth.


The wardrobe is made from a box and holds clothes and shoes.


The art room is one of my favorite rooms. The floor is a tile and I had a lot of fun painting the walls.


At the desk there is a tablet and laptop. The screens are painted in black paint and the stylus is chalk.


I made the easel with a real clip to hold paper.


Ruthie is playing the piano.


Kit is looking at the rock collection and poster.


This is the kitchen.  The table is made from a box. In the back I have a sink, washer, and cabinet.



The fridge opens and so does the oven.


Here is the gym.


Ruthie practices vault.


Here Holly bounces on the trampoline instead of doing exercises on the bar.


Samantha does beam.


Here is the living room. It has a chandelier and stone floor.


The shelf hold little trinkets.


This is the fireplace.



It opens to tend the fire.


Everyone watching TV.


Next to the Issys house (More about this in a later post) Is a campground. Holly arrives in a steak and shake car while Kit and Ruthie and Samatha are already there.


Ruthie and Holly go swiming and two Issys rest in the hot tub.



One of the Isabelles is at the beach table while another rests on the bench and Samantha just hides in the tent.


And here is the campground with out the dolls.

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