Meet The McDonald Isabelles

Last summer McDonalds released American girl Isabelle happy meal toys. By the time we got to McDonalds, though, they had switched to something else so I got them from eBay. DSCN3327[1]

There are four mini dolls and they are all Isabelle in outfits from her collection. They have real hair and most of them have pink highlights. They are molded into the outfit, it is not removable.


The first on is Isabelle in her meet outfit. Her hair has the twists in and has pink,  but the shoes are silver instead of gold.


She has a screw in the back, like them all.


One of her arms moves slightly and her head can turn all the way around.


This is Isabelle in her deigning outfit. The hat does not come off, but she is very cute and has all the pieces from the outfit.


She also has the pink.


This is Isabelle in some of her mix and match pieces. I love this outfit and have it. This Isabelle doesn’t look like she is wearing shoes and the sequins are just bumps.


She has the pink and her arm twists around.


This Isabelle is in her performance outfit. She does not have the wrist let or pink hair But the ballet slippers have very detailed straps.


The ponytail is black.


The dolls are too small to be mini doll playmates but too big too be dolls. I have a little doll house that the mini dolls don’t fit in but it is just the right size for the Isabelle’s.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Issys.

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