Meet the mini dolls!


I have Three American girl mini dolls and an our generation mini doll.DSCN3304[1]

This is Mini Kit. She has a shirt/sweater, skirt and sandals. The buttons on the sweater are real but you can’t button the sweater up.


All of the mini dolls have rooted hair  and painted on eyes. Kit also has freckles. She came with a barrette but I lost it.DSCN3308[1]

All of my mini dolls have soft bodies because they are historical character minis. The Beforever minis have different molds and a hard body.


This is her back. The skirt has Velcro but the sweater does not, making it sort of hard to get on.


This is mini Ruthie, Kits best friend. She has a dress, Hair ribbon, Socks, and Mary Janes.


Her hair is curly and looks very nice with the ribbon. Her eyes are gray but I still like them.


Her dress has Velcro and in the back Ruthie’s curls are sort of out of control.


Someone gave me mini Samantha used so she isn’t in perfect condition but she still is lovely. Her sash is sewn onto her dress and her ribbon was in a bow.DSCN3317[1]

She has poofy bangs and brown eyes. I think that originally her bangs were shaped better and her hair had a nice wave but this is how she is now.


Like all the American girl minis Samantha even has neck strings!


This is Holly. She is my our generation mini and is modern instead of historical. The American girl minis also come with books.


She has beautiful green eyes and whitish blond hair. She also has a hair ribbon.


In the back her hair is parted all the way down.

The minis are about the right size to carry with you in a purse of pocket for some mini fun!

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