De New Schedule

First of all thank you to all the people who voted on my poll. I got five other votes, three other votes, two no but keep Joy’s Journal on Tuesdays and one I don’t care.

After some thought I finally decided what I am going to do. One of the suggestions from other was keep a schedule for  Monday Wednesday and Friday, the others free choice. (Thank you to whoever said that) I liked that idea a lot, so I’m kind of going to use that,

I like knowing what I am going to post, but keeping a schedule can be really annoying. So I decided I am going to do almost what I did last year, but loosen up the categories quite a lot.

I think this schedule will work better then what I had, with still being a schedule.

On Mondays instead of a craft I am going to do some kind of tutorial.

On Tuesdays I am going to stick with Photo stories. Most weeks it will be Joy’s Journal, but sometimes it will be something else.

Wednesdays I will show something off, whether it be a review, fun find, or pictures from the American Girl store.

I don’t post on Thursdays most weeks, but when I do it will be free choice.

Friday is free choice also.


New Friends Part One

Lame name, yes I know. I didn’t come up with anything better. I really should have. Anyway on to the story!

This is the story in which new things will be announced by the way.


“Come on! It’s just over here!” Lea yelled.

Lea was trying to take me to a ‘secret spot’. From what I could see it wasn’t all that secret, but since I’d come Lea was my only friend, and I wanted to make her as happy as she made me.


We reached the corner and started ‘Best Friend Business’


“Do you promise to be best friends forever?” Lea asked me excitedly.

“Yes I do.” I wasn’t as much of a chatterbox as Lea, but she never minded.


“I brought something for you.” I announced shyly.

“A hair ribbon!” Lea burst out. “So I can do my hair just like yours! Oh thank you!”


As Lea tied the ribbon in her hair Faith came up behind us, unnoticed. (See I told you this wasn’t such a secret place!)


“Hello girls.” Faith announced herself. “I have some good news for you.”

“What?” Lea immediately asked.

Faith laughed. “I’m getting there. The good news is that you are going home Isabel.”

For a second I was quiet, then I spoke up. “I’m glad I’m going home but-”


Lea interrupted me. “How could you Isabel? I thought you promised to be best friends forever!” She stared at me for a minute and then ran off.


I walked up to where Faith was. “I was going to say that I’m happy to be going home, but I’ll miss you all very much.



In Which I Rant About Gabriela McBride

I know I said I was going to show you what I got today, but I want to do a nice photo story, so instead I am going to rant talk about the new girl of the year, Gabriela McBride.


First of all, Gabriela is not a real girl of the year. The website, the catalog, and even her box say ‘Available through 2017 and beyond’. This means that she is a modern character, but not a real girl of the year. So why are they advertising her as a girl of the year if she’s not? Is she going to be the last doll released on January 1? Are they going to turn her into a modern character at the end of the year and release a new girl?

She’s also not unique. I’ve seen people say that she looks like 56, and American Girl said so by offering a free meet outfit to anyone who has 56. I think they could have made a lot more money by making Gabriela a little different. She could have had longer hair, a different part, and a different color of eyes, maybe amber, instead of just being a Truly Me doll with a story.

If she is the last girl of the year that might explain why she is black, but really. Come on American Girl! You should offer black dolls even if they aren’t going to be the last girl of the year. And releasing her right after Melody is kind of strange.

Gabriela’s collection is quite small. I’m glad her ‘big’ item isn’t expensive, but it’s the only furniture item she has. Lea had a kayak, fruit stand, and rain forest hut. The dance ‘studio’ isn’t expensive, but really, it’s not unique. If you have Isabelle’s dance bar, which is the same as Gabriela’s you could easily make a background to put in your scene. It’s nothing like Lea’s rain forest house which can be recreated, but nowhere as easily as Gabriela’s studio. I wish they had done something amazing this year.

Her outfits are kind of strange. Her meet outfit is okay, but it could have been done better, with stitching on the jeans, and maybe another accessory. She has no skirts or dresses in her collection, which is really weird. I can’t recall any doll not having any skirts or dresses. And her practice outfit is really strange. It would be good for mix and match, but I have never seen anyone wear anything like that, and if I owned that outfit my dolls would never wear the entire outfit at the same time.

The tap shoes are really cool, but way overpriced, and the taps are plastic! Real tap shoes are only about twice as expensive, and they have real taps. In my drama group we do some tapping, and while at least twenty people have tap shoes, none of the shoes look like that. I just don’t think it’s worth it.

In fact almost nothing from her collection I really like. Maybe there will be good stuff for the summer release, but the way American Girl seems to be going I would not be surprised if there wasn’t.


Pictures From The AG Store

On Saturday we were near an American Girl Store, so we went to it. I didn’t take many pictures, and few of them were good, but here they are.        gabbys-world

Here’s just kind of an overview of the girl of the year section. Everything is packaged in the new way. I don’t like this. Because of the new style you can’t open the boxes to look at what’s inside.


Here is the ‘big’ piece from her collection. I’m kind of disappointed with this. It’s a lot cheaper than any of the other ‘big’ items American Girl is selling right now, but it doesn’t really come with a lot. What surprised me was that Isabelle’s dance bar was ten dollars more expensive, and Gabriela’s comes with a background. The mirror isn’t real, but it’s shiny enough to look like a mirror while still being lightweight.

The tap shoes are not sold with an outfit, which is nice for people who want the outfit, but they are expensive and the taps are plastic. How are you supposed to tap dance if you don’t have real taps? The style is the same as Marisol and Molly’s, but they are sparkly silver instead of black. I’m glad they didn’t make them the same, but I wish they had been a different style entirely. In my drama group we do some tapping, and while at least twenty people have tap shoes, none of the shoes look like that. And the price is ridiculous! The tap shoes I use we found at a thrift store, but still they were four times cheaper! Plus they are real, not fake doll shoes! I will definitely be making tap shoes, and NOT buying American Girl’s overpriced doll shoes with plastic on the soles.


This is the picture section. I don’t really know what it is supposed to be, except for maybe a podium? Lea’s hut, Grace’s table, and even Isabelle’s bar were all a lot more thought out, and all of them were really cool. It would have been nice if they had done a in the studio one, or at least something more thought out.

Okay, I’m done ranting. Come back tomorrow to see what I bought.


The Best I Can Be

Lately I have not been all that happy with this blog. I know it’s grown quite a bit since I started, and I’m really happy about that, but the posts are not super great. Some of my pictures look more like a girl playing with her dolls than a photo story, and I want to change that. Starting with my next post I am going to start editing the pictures I use, and try to take better pictures anyhow. And I am going to spend longer on my posts too.

And that means some days I might not get posts up. I might move to an every other day schedule, I’m not sure.

And what about what I post? Should I keep a schedule of what I post, (Monday: Craft Tuesday: Photo Story etc) or just post what I want to?

What do you think?


Joy’s Journal 2-12

The rest of the parts

dscn4680                         Right after school my group met in Serenity and Roberta’s room. That’s when I decided to make my move. I was going to come straight out and tell them, but they started taunting me about it first.

“So Joy?” Serenity asked. “When are you going to tell us your secret?”

I took a deep breath. “Right now.” And then I poured out my whole story. I told them everything. I didn’t want to deal with them trying to find out my secret. And to my surprise…..


They laughed.

“Wow Joy!” Riley said. “You are a good storyteller. Now tell us the real stuff.”

“B but” I sputtered. “I DID!”

“No you did not.”


This time I tried to be calmer. “Please believe me guys. I’m telling the truth.

“Is a chronic illness even a real thing?” Serenity asked. “It’s not. Tell us the truth.”

Now I was just so mad. I yanked my feet out from under me and stood on the chair. I probably shouldn’t have started yelling at her, but no one’s perfect. “Not a real thing? How could you think that? Don’t you get it? I’m not lying to you! Do you think I would say that I had something this bad if I didn’t? I don’t want to have it! And I didn’t want to tell you either but I did, and THIS is how you treat me!”

Serenity was now almost on fire. “I’ve tried to be friends with you! I’ve tried to get past how stupid you are and make a friend. But no, you are just taking advantage of us. No one could have things so bad happen to them!”Serenity got up and left. Apparently I wasn’t worth being with.

A lot she knew.

dscn4683                            Now Riley got up and left. dscn4684

“How could you, Joy?” Roberta asked. “I thought you were my friend. But you Lied to me!”


Last Year

2016 has been quite an interesting year. Here’s some of my favorite posts from each month:


LEa.jpg                                                      A few days after I bought Lea at the American Girl store I reviewed her. (I’m wincing at my photography by the way) Lea is a really beautiful doll, a lot more thought out than Gabriela seems to be.


DSCN6913[1]       In which I post a photo shoot of Lea in the snow. I love snow on Lea’s hair.

March DSCN7633[1]       This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken of any of my dolls. It’s actully a post about how to make the dress Eileen is wearing, which you can read here.


Though I didn’t post much in April I really like this picture from Joy’s Journal part seven. In fact I liked it so much I turned it into a Joy’s Journal poster which you can see here.


DSCN7644[1]      In this post I opened my new doll Mia that I had found at a thrift store (for 1$!) and sent to the doll hospital for a new head. Yes, all of my dolls are watching me open her. (What?! Mom made me wait for her and she was on the phone. I had time!) I also reviewed her.


DSCN8555[1]                      I went to the Wellie Wishers preview! (And then I came home and posted pictures)


DSCN8704[1]                          I love this doll blender that I made.


DSCN0296[1]                          In which I post a craft that is not really a craft but a silly way of saying how I did everything wrong.


dscn34921                         A photo shoot of Eileen and one of my guinea pigs for AGDollawesome‘s photo shoot challenge.


dscn37041                            A review of this adorable doll dress I bought at a local fair my family went to. (I love this dress so much!)


dscn44811                          I showed y’all how to make a paper pumpkin for your dollhouse.


dscn4679                          Last but not least is a part of Joys Journal.

I want this year’s posts to be at least as good as 2016, hopefully much better.

Here’s to a grand 2017!


Joy’s Journal 2-11

For Christmas Break we had awhile off. Savana’s parents were taking her home, and since Dad would be home most of the time it was decided I could come too.

dscn4665          Savana’s mom dropped me off at home. Nervously I went into the house.



She looked a lot better. I was glad.

“Oh Joy, I’m so glad you are here! We have so much to do. Let’s start with making cookies!” dscn4671            I looked at the clock. It was already nine forty, and I’d had a long day. At school lights out wasn’t till ten but I was always so tired I went to bed before nine. dscn4666              “Mom.” I started. “I’ve had a long day. I’m going to bed. You can make cookies if you want, but I’ll help you in the morning.” And I did.

After we were finished making cookies the next morning Mom announced we were going to the zoo. This time I just rolled my eyes.

“Take the little kids to the zoo. I’m staying here.”

That was a good day. But the best part came when I went upstairs. dscn4672               “Oh yay.” I was muttering as I walked up the stairs. “They got rid of the extra bunk bed because Grace went to college, and I left. Now how are we supposed to sleep extra people?”dscn4673            I started climbing up the ladder.



My sister was home from college.               dscn4676    Awhile later my cousins Elli and Ana arrived.  As we were making cookies in the kitchen Elli asked about how I was dealing with my school. dscn4677              “Welllllll.” I was afraid I was going to cry. “All my friends want to know about my secret, and are not being very nice to me. I don’t know how to make them stop.” dscn4679           Little Ana spoke up. “If you want them to stop, just tell them your secret.”

“I guess I can do that.”

Elli spoke next. “Joy it turned out well last time. There’s no reason it can’t turn out well again.”


Old Pictures

Yes, this week has not been normal, but I hope that before too long it will be.

Anyway today I thought I’d just post some old pictures from the history of my blog.

Most of these pictures are not great quality, as I took them a long time ago. DSCN4459[1]DSCN4433[1]DSCN4438[1]DSCN3209[1]DSCN3200[1]colectshonDSCN6607[1]DSCN6971[1]DSCN5405DSCN5554[1]DSCN6592[1]DSCN6567[1]DSCN6521[1]fire place and table craftDSCN6212[1]DSCN6144[1]DSCN6131[1]dscn44781


I’m Back!

Last week I didn’t post because I wasn’t here. I got to go to the Operation Christmas Child proccessing center.

While I was gone my conputer died. Not all of the pictures made it over, so I can’t post. And my camera cord is still packed, so I can’t post new pictures.

However I am going to get a post up on my other blog Creative Castle

Tomarrow I should have something good up.